4 ways archiving and compression tools can make your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system more efficient

Data is cornerstone of every business. However, with the constant generation of data comes the need to prioritize and decide which data holds the most importance.

While a part of data is essential for operational purposes, other data clutters the system and slows the systems’ performance.  This is where SQL Performance Archiving and Compression Tools help many Dynamics NAV clients around the world.  Here are a few main benefits:

Declutter your Dynamics NAV system

With these tools, you will not only be able to declutter your system while retaining your operational and reference data, but you will also be able to access stored archive data, give your database a performance boost and at the same time comply with legal and fiscal requirements without having to change the system.

Move your data where you want, when you want

With our archiving tools, users can move data of their choice to the historic archive database while our compression tools give users the liberty to not only move data but while doing so, it also replaces the original detail ledger records with the new summarized data.

Control data visibility

Instead of having all the data clogging your businesses progress, you get to use the primary data within your business effectively while detailed data is moved elsewhere.

Perform Dynamics NAV Upgrades

Many Dynamics NAV clients have been running Dynamics NAV for many years.  Many clients are on a variety of versions and want to upgrade to the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV so they can take advantage of new features, functionality and technology.  Many Dynamics NAV clients are employing these tools to compress their Dynamics NAV database so that they can upgrade to the latest version during a typical weekend long upgrade window.  If you are considering an upgrade, consider SQL Perform Archiving and Compression Tools and Services.  Contact us today to find the best solution for your system.