Are you having performance issues with your Dynamics NAV solution?

With SQL Perform tools, optimizing Dynamics NAV for SQL Server has never been easier.


Performance tools developed for Dynamic NAV on SQL Server

SQL Perform North America focuses on enhancing the performance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Microsoft SQL Server. From performance optimization, to archiving and compression, we have a solution to fix even the most critical and difficult Microsoft Dynamics NAV issues. Our team of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft SQL Server specialists proactively take action to eliminate bottlenecks, lock, block, deadlocks and improve your end user experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For over 10 years, SQL Perform has been helping thousands of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft SQL Server users increase the performance of their ERP solution. We have offices worldwide and have quickly become globally recognized for our unique set of products, services and expertise.

Why SQL Perform North America?

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Dynamics NAV Performance Audit

Are you looking for a fast and efficient resolution to system bottlenecks?

Dynamics NAV Archiving & Compression

Is your database bigger than 100GB?

The comprehensive Data Archiving and Compression tools enable IT professionals to store detailed production Dynamics NAV data in an archival database, while moving and/or compressing the data at source. The IT team can select what data will be compressed and moved, and how frequently to archive and compress the data. We have helped organizations reduce their Dynamics NAV databases by hundreds of gigabytes.

What Can Archiving and Compression Tools Do For Your Business?

Small Operational Database

  • Get a solid performance boost of your SQL Server immediately
  • Faster reports and processing in Dynamics NAV

Improve Infrastructure

  • Less RAM and CPU power
  • Minimizes the need for SQL Server Data Compression
  • Speedy maintenance

Increase Data Visibility

  • Data is kept, but it isn’t clogging the operational database
  • Ability to view historic data in archive database

Un-do Functionality

  • If anything goes wrong, you can reverse to original state
  • Retains detailed data for audit and detailed inspection

Dynamics NAV Performance Tuning

Are you experiencing blocks, time outs or deadlocks?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers the growing business a powerful yet cost-effective solution. With the ever growing adoption of a Microsoft SQL Server backend, an ongoing optimized performance environment for your users is critical. With SQL Performance tools, optimizing Dynamics NAV on the SQL Server Platform has never been easier. We offer a fully tested, supported set of tools that ensures the ongoing performance optimization of your database.

20-1000% performance boost compared to non-optimized systems and processes

Secure Environment

Monitor ups & downs

Be in total control of your data

Prevent Disasters


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